Rolf Lund

洛甫.龙德  原挪威奥斯陆大学教授


Rolf Lund,挪威国家视听康复资源中心高级研究员,原奥斯陆大学教授、北欧低视力康复模式的创建者和推动者。北京圣康华眼科医院视觉康复中心负责人。



在挪威和瑞典的工作成就基础上,Rolf Lund 教授成功地帮助西班牙复制了这一模式。


Rolf Lund教授与美国宾夕法尼亚视光学院Gale R. Watson教授(现为美国国家荣军医院系统视觉康复服务主任)合著的The CCTV Book已成为低视力康复领域的经典著作;该书在台湾被译为中文出版,目前仍然是台湾地区低视力康复基本指导用书。


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Dr. Rolf Lund, Ed.D(edu.psych), M.Sc. (optom) is currently the Senior Researcher at the Eikholt National Resource Center for Vision and Hearing Rehabilitation of Norway (Helen Kellers vei 3, 3032 Drammen, Norway Email:

Dr. Rolf Lund is pioneered in low vision rehabilitation in northern Europe. He started the low vision rehabilitation service in Norway since 1974. As the first professor and director and for over 10 years in the position in low vision rehabilitation in Oslo University, Dr. Rolf Lund was responsible for the training of low vision specialists at the University of Oslo and later a member of the advisory board for research at Norwegian Blind Association. It was him who initiated and promoted the establishment of the national low vision service system in Norway. His book, The CCTV Book: Habilitation and Rehabilitation with Closed Circuit Television Systems, co-authored by Gale R. Watson (She is now the National Director of Low Vision services for all VA hospitals in USA), has been a popular classical book in the field of low vision rehabilitation.

Rolf Lund has expended his concept and service to Sweden, Denmark, Spain, and lately China. The low vision rehabilitation service in Norway has now well been accepted worldwide as the most successful model in this area.

Dr. Lund also experienced in helping others to establish low vision service facilities. He was the founder of the well know company, ProVista Innovation, which for years the leading specialist institute in low vision rehabilitation in Norway. ProVista Innovation is able to deliver everything from knowledge to products that are needed to establish a full scale Low Vision Clinic. ProVista Innovation also provides the training of the professionals so they can do assessment of patients with low vision and all the equipment needed for such a practice.

Together with highly respected professionals in medical eye care from China, Dr. Lund has worked for years with Beijing Disabled Persons Federation and China Disabled Persons Federation, for helping China in training and education of the Chinese professional in vision rehabilitation.

Dr. Lund represent the center of excellence of vision rehabilitation, the Eikholt National Resource Center for Vision and Hearing Rehabilitation of Norway . In addition to his own contribution to the Chinese Academic Vision Rehabilitation Society, he, over the last few years, by organizing the resource at the Eikholt National Resource Center, has provided opportunities for several Chinese professionals to be trained in Norwary, among those are now some leading expertise in vision rehabilitation in China.